our story

The Iacovella Davide farm was established about
one hundred and fifty years ago and its history
is made up of men and women who have loved,
cultivated and gained every possible benefit from this
wonderful land. In the early days, everything was tough
and exhausting: the days were long and the food was scarce.
Then, throughout the years, innovations made it easier
to work in the countryside.
Never a day was wasted without a smile.
And it is with this spirit that generation after
generation the passion and the strength to fight without
giving up finds continuity over time, despite the fact that
in the world of farming, things are not always simple.
The farm covers 30 hectares of vineyards
and olive groves. These are the real heart
of the company, where history lives in the trunks and every
year surprises with exceptional oils.
There are many centuries-old olive trees (even 300 years old)
that charm with their stateliness.
It is easy to get carried away by such history
and one is inevitably lulled by the allure
of beautiful past memories.