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Our company spans across 30 hectares, encompassing both youthful and centuries-old olive groves, some of which have stood proudly for over three centuries. These ancient groves, with their magnificent presence, serve as the heart and soul of our enterprise, where history is entwined within the very bark of the trees.

Every year, these venerable guardians of tradition never fail to astonish us with the production of exceptional olive oils, a testament to the enduring legacy of our land.


We take personal care of all our olive groves, from meticulous pruning to the moment of harvest. Our dedication to the craft of olive oil production perfectly aligns with our unwavering commitment to quality.

Each stage of the production process undergoes scrupulous oversight to guarantee that the olive oil we offer is nothing short of authentic, full of flavor, and packed with essential nutrients.

We are unwavering in our commitment to upholding the highest quality standards, exceeding the expectations of our discerning customers who seek genuine and exceptional olive oil.

An authentic product

C r a f t e d w i t h a r t i s a n a l c a r e i n e v e r y s i n g l e d r o p


"We extract the goodness of olives from the earth, turning it into a remarkable elixir of flavor and well-being."

– Davide Iacovella


R e p r e s e n t i n g t h e f i n e s t o u r l a n d h a s t o o f f e r .


Our privileged location within the fertile expanses of Chieti and Bucchianico provides the perfect setting for nurturing robust and healthy olive trees.

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, our soils enjoy abundant sunshine and a diverse range of soil types, culminating in the exquisite richness and complexity that define our oils.


Our privileged location within the fertile expanses of Chieti and Bucchianico provides the perfect setting for nurturing robust and healthy olive trees.

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, our soils enjoy abundant sunshine and a diverse range of soil types, culminating in the exquisite richness and complexity that define our oils.

O u r o l i v e g r o v e s

This exceptional olive variety is a true rarity, thriving exclusively in the hallowed grounds of Bucchianico (CH), a charming town just a stone’s throw from Chieti. This centuries-old cultivar boasts an upright stature and expansive foliage. After arduous efforts, we are proud to have successfully revived approximately 700 of these ancient olive trees. Each tree is meticulously nurtured in the Polyconic Vase method, preserving the essence of this unique variety.

Since 2018, our commitment to Olivastro di Bucchianico has been recognized by Slow Food, a testament to our dedication to preserving culinary heritage. The journey ahead is a promising one, as we have plans to reclaim new Wild Olive Oil fields, ensuring the legacy of this exceptional olive variety!

The Cucco olive variety, native to the Chieti region and its neighboring towns, including Ripa Teatina and Francavilla al Mare, holds a unique dual-purpose distinction, serving both as a source of oil and as a table olive. Historically, it played a vital role as a nutritious sustenance source in the area, deeply ingrained in the local culture.

However, in 1956, a devastating frost struck the region, claiming the lives of a substantial number of Cucco olive trees, including thousands of Cucco plants. These casualties led to their replacement with more manageable olive varieties. Even today, Cucco presents challenges in cultivation, primarily due to its early fruit drop and susceptibility to olive fly infestation, which, if left unchecked, could jeopardize the quality of the oil produced.

Nonetheless, with meticulous attention and dedicated effort, it remains possible to produce exceptional oil from the Cucco variety. We took it upon ourselves to restore 1400 Cucco plants from a state of total abandonment, nurturing them back to full productivity. All our Cucco olive plants are cultivated using the Polyconic Vase method, ensuring their optimal growth.

In a testament to the enduring importance of Cucco, it has held the designation of a SLOW FOOD since 2019.

Native Variety from Chieti to Vasto: The Gentile di Chieti.

The Gentile di Chieti is a native olive variety originating from the coastal strip stretching from Chieti to Vasto (CH). Characterized by its tall, ascending shape, this olive tree requires careful foliage management to avoid excessive wood growth at the expense of oil production. We are committed to respecting its unique characteristics, a principle that holds true for all olive varieties, with a special emphasis on the Gentile di Chieti.

In 2020, we undertook the remarkable task of recovering over 500 of these native plants, each nurtured in a Polyconic Vase. The labor was demanding, but two years later, our efforts bore fruit as the plants flourished, boasting a profusion of new leaves and a bountiful harvest of olives. The Gentile di Chieti variety has proven to be truly astonishing.

In our dedication to preserving its excellence, we proudly present the 2022 olive oil campaign, bottled in dark glass to safeguard its quality, exclusively featuring the remarkable Gentile di Chieti variety.

This native olive variety originates from the picturesque slopes of the Maiella Mountain, which stands as a symbol of our beloved Abruzzo region. Its true essence is most beautifully expressed in Casoli, where it finds its ideal home. However, we have also taken it upon ourselves to cultivate around 400 of these unique olive trees in Francavilla Al Mare (CH), just a stone’s throw away from the sea.

While it may not be the olive tree’s native habitat, it still manages to produce an extra virgin olive oil of remarkable prestige. Each one of our trees is carefully nurtured in the Polyconic Vase method. Although the sea’s proximity presents challenges, this dual-purpose variety, suitable for both table and oil production, is susceptible to olive fly attacks. Vigilance is key, as a lapse in care can jeopardize the final product. We remain ever vigilant in our olive groves to prevent any unpleasant surprises, as we understand that prevention is paramount.

The Leccino olive variety, originally hailing from Tuscany, has become the most widespread cultivar across our nation. Its prevalence owes itself to its ease of cultivation, as it is notably resilient to many common fungal and foliar issues. Moreover, while it is relatively resistant to olive flies (though vigilance remains essential as it’s not entirely immune), Leccino stands out for its adaptability.

In recent years, we have embarked on a new approach, recognizing that the key to producing exceptional oil lies in harvesting at precisely the right moment. This change from the traditional early November harvest has allowed us to unlock the full potential of this olive variety.

All our Leccino plants are cultivated using the Polyconic Vase method, a practice we hold dear as it forms the heart of our company. This very grove is where my grandfather instilled in me a deep passion for olive cultivation. Our commitment to quality has been recognized on an international scale, with our Leccino variety winning our first prestigious award in the extra virgin olive oil competition. I dedicated that award to the memory of my grandfather. 

This variety originates from Apulia, specifically Corato (BARI). In that region, these olive trees exhibit magnificent forms and impressive heights, meticulously pruned into polyconic vases. Each tree carries a substantial load of fruits, showcasing their full potential in this environment. We’ve successfully recovered approximately 450 of these plants, all cultivated in Polyconic Vases.

These trees now thrive in Bucchianico (CHIETI), a hilly area near Chieti. In this location, they yield a bountiful harvest and produce excellent extra virgin olive oil. While distinct from the Apulian variety, this oil from Bucchianico has its own unique qualities, capable of delivering a delightful and distinct culinary experience. It’s an embodiment of the diverse and rich flavors that different regions can bring to olive oil production, offering an emotional and sensory journey to those who savor it.

The Leccio del Corno olive variety is a quintessential Tuscan gem, with its roots tracing back to San Casciano Val di Pesa (FI). Discovered in 1929 by Professor Morettini on the Corno farm in San Pancrazio, it derives its name from the holm oak (leccio) tree.

This nomenclature was essential to distinguish it from other holm oak varieties. In no time, it captivated the hearts of numerous olive growers, and today, it graces olive groves across the entire country. This olive tree exhibits an expansive canopy with lush, and abundant foliage.

It was our admiration for this unique variety that led us to acquire a grove of approximately 1,200 Leccio del Corno olive trees, all lovingly nurtured in the Polyconic Vase method. From this exceptional variety, we proudly present an olive oil highly revered for its intriguing spicy and balsamic aromas.

Our Quality Assurance Label (DOP) proudly represents the exclusive production of olive oil sourced solely from the cherished Gentile di Chieti and Leccino olive groves, adhering to stringent specifications. In 2021, we nurtured and regenerated 480 olive plants, all of which are cultivated in the traditional Polyconic Vase. The result? DOP oil from the enchanting Teatine hills, is a testament to the resilience and grace of our land.

Our DOP olive oil is presented in a distinctive dark glass bottle, embodying the essence of our 2022 olive oil campaign.

The consistent productivity and impressive oil yield, combined with the production of high-quality oil, render this variety exceptionally appealing. The drupes mature early, and the plant exhibits moderate but robust growth with an expanded growth habit. In 2023, a total of 400 plants were successfully recovered, and all of them have undergone pruning in a polyconical vase configuration.

The oil produced, identified as the Gentile di Chieti variety, is bottled in dark glass for optimal preservation. This information pertains to the 2022 olive oil campaign.