Leccino Olive Oil

The Leccino olive variety, originally hailing from Tuscany, has become the most widespread cultivar across our nation. Its prevalence owes itself to its ease of cultivation, as it is notably resilient to many common fungal and foliar issues. Moreover, while it is relatively resistant to olive flies (though vigilance remains essential as it’s not entirely immune), Leccino stands out for its adaptability. In recent years, we have embarked on a new approach, recognizing that the key to producing exceptional oil lies in harvesting at precisely the right moment. This change from the traditional early November harvest has allowed us to unlock the full potential of this olive variety. All our Leccino plants are cultivated using the Polyconic Vase method, a practice we hold dear as it forms the heart of our company. This very grove is where my grandfather instilled in me a deep passion for olive cultivation. Our commitment to quality has been recognized on an international scale, with our Leccino variety winning our first prestigious award in the extra virgin olive oil competition. I dedicated that award to the memory of my grandfather .
Dark glass bottle Leccino olive oil variety
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Technical Features

Variety: monovarietal LECCINO
Origin: Chieti (CH)
Sheet and Particle: Sheet No. 32 + Parcel No. 00058-00060-00140-00141-00143-00183-00184-00306-00321 -04072-04168-04169
Harvesting system: electric harvesters and shaker
Harvest period: last week of September
Extraction method: 2-phase mill
Filtration: Yes
Storage: Stainless steel tanks inertized with nitrogen

Possible culinary combinations

Vegetable soup, raw meat or fish, boiled or grilled vegetables, fresh field salad, milk ice cream

Medium sensory profile

This oil exhibits a medium level of fruitiness. It has a medium-light level of bitterness and spiciness. The predominant flavor notes include the freshness of almonds, subtle sensations of grass and leaves, along with hints of artichoke.

source: olimonovarietali.it