“Colline Teatine” DOP Olive Oil

Our Quality Assurance Label (DOP) proudly represents the exclusive production of olive oil sourced solely from the cherished Gentile di Chieti and Leccino olive groves, adhering to stringent specifications. . In 2021, we nurtured and regenerated 480 olive plants, all of which are cultivated in the traditional Polyconic Vase. The result? DOP oil from the enchanting Teatine hills, is a testament to the resilience and grace of our land.
Dark glass bottle variety DOP
Olive Oil Campaign 2023
Technical Features

Varieties: Our olive oil is a blend of 70% Gentile di Chieti and 30% Leccino olives.
Origin: Chieti (CH)
Sheet and Particle: Sheet No. 57 + Particle No. 00063-00064-00368-04103-04104
Harvesting system: electric harvesters and shaker
Harvest period: first week of October
Extraction method: 2-phase mill
Filtration: Yes
Storage: Stainless steel tanks inertized with nitrogen

Possible culinary combinations

Cooked vegetables, basil sauce, orange salad, raw fennel, marinated tuna, ice cream

Medium sensory profile

Our olive oil boasts a medium fruitiness, characterized by delightful aromas of freshly cut grass, hints of green almond, and a subtle undertone of tomatoes. It offers a balanced level of bitterness and spiciness.