Coratina Olive Oil

This variety originates from Apulia, specifically Corato (BARI). In that region, these olive trees exhibit magnificent forms and impressive heights, meticulously pruned into polyconic vases. Each tree carries a substantial load of fruits, showcasing their full potential in this environment. We’ve successfully recovered approximately 450 of these plants, all cultivated in Polyconic Vases. These trees now thrive in Bucchianico (CHIETI), a hilly area near Chieti. In this location, they yield a bountiful harvest and produce excellent extra virgin olive oil. While distinct from the Apulian variety, this oil from Bucchianico has its own unique qualities, capable of delivering a delightful and distinct culinary experience. It’s an embodiment of the diverse and rich flavors that different regions can bring to olive oil production, offering an emotional and sensory journey to those who savor it.
Dark glass bottle variety Coratina
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Technical Features

Variety: monovarietal CORATINA
Origin: Bucchianico (CH)
Sheet and Particle : Sheet No. 10 + Particle No. 00013-00015-00313 / Sheet No. 26 + Parcel No. 00150-00157-00168
Harvesting system: electric harvesters and shaker
Harvest period: second week of October
Extraction method: 2-phase mill
Filtration: Yes
Storage: Stainless steel tanks inertized with nitrogen

Possible culinary combinations

Soups, cream soups, vegetable omelets (asparagus or artichokes), white meats, ice cream, strudel

Medium sensory profile

The oil boasts a medium to intense level of fruitiness. Both bitterness and spiciness are notable. Within the spectrum of its flavor, there is a dominant hint of fresh almonds and delicate sensations of grass/leaf and artichoke.