W h o w e a r e

The Iacovella Davide agricultural company has a rich history that spans over a century and a half. Its narrative is woven with the dedication of countless individuals, both men and women, who cherished, nurtured, and harnessed the bountiful offerings of this magnificent land.
In its early days, life was marked by formidable challenges—arduous toil, extended hours, and meager sustenance. Nevertheless, as the years passed, pioneering innovations gradually alleviated the hardships associated with rural labor.
Our history

H o w i t a l l b e g a n

Every day is embraced with a smile, and it is this unwavering spirit that has passed down through generations. 
The enduring passion and resilience to persevere continue to thread through time, even in the face of the myriad challenges that agriculture presents.

C e r t i f i e d q u a l i t y

The beginning

I was just four years old when my beloved grandfather, Antonio, took me along to the olive grove. Amidst the ancient olive branches, he shared countless stories about the land, unknowingly planting the seeds of love for the olive tree within me. Even today, that very tree, which witnessed so many emotions, stands tall and proud within our company. 


As the years passed, I found myself increasingly drawn to pause and contemplate whenever I stood before an olive tree. It filled me with a profound sense of ecstasy and boundless joy. Running my fingers over the leaves and embracing the tree became a source of solace and well-being.

When my grandfather, unfortunately, departed from this world, he revisited me in a dream sometime later, imparting a simple yet profound message:

It took me some time to unravel the significance of those words, but eventually, their meaning became clear. In my grandfather’s era, light was primarily derived from olive oil. Despite facing considerable poverty, returning home to the warm embrace of loved ones and the glow of oil lamps brought immense happiness. Oil not only illuminated homes but also nourished and comforted them. With wood to provide warmth, oil to sustain us, and olive leaves for relaxation (as herbal teas), life was enriched.

From that moment on, my life’s journey was unequivocally defined.

Start of the project

To embark on this journey, I knew that I needed to become intimately acquainted with the olive tree. I yearned to understand its life, its nuances, and how to honor it in every way.

My quest began with enrolling in courses across Italy, determined to grasp the essence of this revered tree. With time, I grew to comprehend and engage with the olive tree on a profound level.

However, merely gaining knowledge about the olive tree wasn’t enough to establish our company.

I also recognized the importance of unlocking the potential within its fruits. I needed to learn the art of crafting exceptional olive oil.

In collaboration with my wife, Sabrina, we embarked on a path that eventually led us to become certified tasters of extra virgin olive oil.

Now, we stand poised and ready to transform our dream into a reality!

The Birth of the Iacovella® Agricultural Company

In its nascent stage, we didn’t possess an extensive olive grove—just about 200 Leccino plants. We were determined to apply the knowledge we had acquired before contemplating expansion. In just a few short years, our olive tree family grew to include 9,000 plants encompassing 10 diverse varieties.

We achieved a prestigious PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status, a testament to our unwavering commitment. And our fervor continues to surge, showing no signs of abating!

Our creed

History cannot be erased” serves as our guiding principle, propelling us towards the reclamation of lesser-known native olive varieties, thereby enriching our remarkable land.

In practical terms, we breathe new life into thousands of abandoned olive trees, reinvigorating them to bear fruit once more. Importantly, we make these olive groves accessible to all, inviting people to witness and traverse them. For us, the olive grove is not merely an orchard; it’s a place to truly live and experience.

Projecting Ourselves Toward New Goals

Of course, our journey doesn’t halt here.

We approach each day’s work with the same passion that ignited us from the very beginning. Our aspiration is to share and engage, for what truly excites us is the opportunity to welcome our guests into the orchard, where they can forge a connection with our cherished olive trees—each one bearing a unique and captivating story waiting to be told.