Gentile di Chieti

Native varietyfrom Chieti to Vasto: The Gentile di Chieti. The Gentile di Chieti is a native olive variety originating from the coastal strip stretching from Chieti to Vasto (CH). Characterized by its tall, ascending shape, this olive tree requires careful foliage management to avoid excessive wood growth at the expense of oil production. We are committed to respecting its unique characteristics, a principle that holds true for all olive varieties, with a special emphasis on the Gentile di Chieti. In 2020, we undertook the remarkable task of recovering over 500 of these native plants, each nurtured in a Polyconic Vase. The labor was demanding, but two years later, our efforts bore fruit as the plants flourished, boasting a profusion of new leaves and a bountiful harvest of olives . .
Dark glass bottle Gentile di Chieti variety
Olive Oil Campaign 2023
Technical Features

Variety: monovarietal GENTILE DI CHIETI
Origin: Bucchianico (CH)
Sheet and Particle: Sheet No. 19 + Particle No. 04113
Harvesting system: electric harvesters and shaker
Harvest period: mid-October
Extraction method: 2-phase mill
Filtration: Yes
Storage: Stainless steel tanks inertized with nitrogen

Possible culinary combinations

Ravioli with Artichokes, medium-aged cheeses, lamb, white melon, and ice cream.

Medium sensory profile

This oil presents a sensory profile that falls into the medium range across various attributes: a medium level of fruitiness, a medium-light level of bitterness and spiciness, with a predominant flavor note of fresh almonds, and a light sensation of grass/leaves and artichoke.