Cucco Olive Oil

The Cucco olive variety, native to the Chieti region and its neighboring towns, including Ripa Teatina and Francavilla al Mare, holds a unique dual-purpose distinction, serving both as a source of oil and as a table olive. Historically, it played a vital role as a nutritious sustenance source in the area, deeply ingrained in the local culture. However, in 1956, a devastating frost struck the region, claiming the lives of a substantial number of Cucco olive trees, including thousands of Cucco plants. These casualties led to their replacement with more manageable olive varieties. Even today, Cucco presents challenges in cultivation, primarily due to its early fruit drop and susceptibility to olive fly infestation, which, if left unchecked, could jeopardize the quality of the oil produced. Nonetheless, with meticulous attention and dedicated effort, it remains possible to produce exceptional oil from the Cucco variety. We took it upon ourselves to restore 1400 Cucco plants from a state of total abandonment, nurturing them back to full productivity. All our Cucco olive plants are cultivated using the Polyconic Vase method, ensuring their optimal growth. In a testament to the enduring importance of Cucco, it has held the designation of a SLOW FOOD since 2019. This year, we proudly present the 2022 Olive Oil Campaign, featuring our Cucco variety in a dark glass bottle. .
Cucco variety dark glass bottle
Olive Oil Campaign 2023
Technical Features

Variety: monovarietal CUCCO
Origin: Chieti (CH)
Sheet and Particle: Sheet No. 20 + Parcel No. 00099-00142-04491 / Sheet No. 37 + Parcel No. 00040-04285-04286-04287-04289
Harvesting system: electric harvesters and shaker
Harvest period: mid-September
Extraction method: 2-phase mill
Filtration: Yes
Storage: Stainless steel tanks inertized with nitrogen

Possible culinary combinations

Caprese (tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, spaghetti with garlic and oil, chili pepper, spit-roasted chicken, variety of mature cheese, ice cream

Medium sensory profile

This Cucco olive oil exhibits a medium to intense level of fruitiness. It features a balanced medium level of bitterness and spiciness. Predominant notes include herbaceous sensations. Hints of artichoke, fresh almond, and tomato contribute to its complex flavor profile.